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The right country to open your company or go abroad in Europe is Germany and best city in Germany is Berlin. Berlin is a hot spots for European start-ups, new technologies or blockchain technology. Also Berlin is the most inexpensive and business friendly metropolis in Europe. We will take care of Company formation, Company specific legal documents, Shareholder Agreements and Company Constitution. 

Alternative can be  Dublin Ireland.

Planning to establish a traditional company or a blockchain based business, brings  a lot of factors you need to consider.  With our help and  our support forming your new company will be easy and straightforward in some of the locations in Europe, where we are home. 

Additional work is billed hourly. Adjusted project rates apply. 

Payment can be made in EUR or various cryptocurrencies: (BTC/ETH/LTC/XRP or WAVES). 

Premium Package:  Price on request

Company formation

White paper review and analysis

Company specific legal documents:

Shareholder Agreement and Company Constitution

Token sale agreement (public sale)

Terms and conditions of token sale (public sale)

Token purchase agreement/early contribution agreement (private sale)

Advisor Agreement

White Paper Disclaimer

Analysis of current local legislation applicable to the token

On-Demand Advice and Support (2h)

Additional advisory services available

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